Lean Training Series

...so you and your leaders can teach your people

The Lean Training Series (LTS) is a set of materials leaders use to train their people on Lean topics. Each LTS topic has a 6-15 minute “script” the trainer can read out loud, and a set of “slides” to show learners. With questions and discussion, sessions are in the range of 10-20 minutes each. Each LTS topic is available in print form or as a PowerPoint™ document. Users with PowerPoint™ can edit slides and scripts to fit their specific situation.

I developed LTS to meet this need: “How can front-line leaders train new employees on the basics of Lean? How can this be done in brief, regular (daily?) sessions?”

What you get:

Click image to see larger version
Click image to see larger version

LTS topics are available in several formats:

  1. Download of PowerPoint™ presentation file.
    You can present this format electronically using a display screen and PowerPoint’s “presentation mode” on a laptop or other device. You can also print slides and scripts for manual presentation. 
  2. Printed version with slides on 11″ x 17″ coverstock. 
    Includes printed “script” pages and printed instruction slides.
  3. PowerPoint™ file on microSD card version.
    This format is for situations where downloading is not an option, but you want to put the PowerPoint file on a device. MicroSD cards are smaller than a postage stamp and about the thickness of a credit card. These will be mailed USPS first class. You will need a microSD card-to-USB adaptor for your device. These are widely available for $10-$20. 
  4. Video Download of Topic Presentation.
    This is a video of the slides with me (Ray) reading the script. I use some arrows and “spotlighting” to draw attention to specific things on the slide. Otherwise, there are no animations. You can use this video to see how I present the topic, or to show directly to learners. 

Video: How to Use the Lean Training Series

LTS download versions are FREE

At this time all LTS topic downloads are free. Physical delivery of microSD and print versions have fees to cover shipping and materials. You can watch the video of  “The Power of Standards Part 1” (LTS.03.01) on the viewer below. 

If you get the PowerPoint™ file via download or microSD card, you are able to edit* the presenter script and slides to fit the specifics of your company and the “voice” of your presenter.

* Topics are .pptx files; you need Microsoft PowerPoint™ 2007 or newer to edit them.  

Although videos of LTS topics are available to show learners directly, there are good reasons for you or your leaders to eventually conduct the training yourselves. When leaders personally conduct training, it has 3 important benefits:

  1. Deepens the Leaders’ Knowledge.  The best way to learn something well is to teach it.
  2. Strengthens the Leader-Learner Bond.  Reinforces that leaders are a source of knowledge and wisdom.
  3. Builds the Organization’s Training Capacity.  In the long term, organizations should have a regular internal system to train their own employees. LTS moves this forward.

LTS Topics available or coming soon

Pricing effective until further notice.
   PowerPoint:  Free download!
   Print version shipped 11×17 slides  $45
   PowerPoint file on microSD card  $5
   Video of Ray presenting topic  Free download!

Available Now:
LTS.03.01  The Power of Standards Part 1  SAMPLE
LTS.01.10  Value and Waste: Learning to See the Difference
LTS.01.11  The 8 Wastes
LTS.02.05  Don’t Blame, Learn and Improve
LTS.06.04  5S Part 1 Overview
LTS.06.08  Kanban Part 1

Next in the Line-up:
LTS.01.01  What is Lean
LTS.07.01  The Lean Management System Daily Team Meeting
LTS.03.02  Writing a Standardized Work Sheet Part 1
LTS.03.03  Writing a Standardized Work Sheet Part 2
LTS.06.02  Flow Part 1- Why and How

Flexible training: paper or PowerPoint; one-on-one or to a group

Train using Printed Slides and Printed Script
Train using Display Screen and Device

More about the Lean Training Series (LTS) and Frequently Asked Questions

  • The LTS materials are copyrighted. After purchase (or free download), you may use and modify the materials within your organization. You may NOT post any of the material online or otherwise distribute it outside your company in print or electronic form without written permission from Effective Systems LLC.  Request permission by contacting me (Ray) HERE. If you use the slides as is, please retain the PeopleFirstLean logo on each slide. If you modify a slide, please include this note: “Based on content from PeopleFirstLean.com”
  • Videos downloads of each topic are 1080p 30fps for high quality. 
  • Question: Why are you giving away downloads of the Lean Training Series topics book study guides?
    Answer: Two reasons:
    1. I genuinely want to help the Lean community and especially Christian business owners. I have long felt the absence of good training materials that can be used by front-line leaders to develop team members and new employees to the distinctive patterns of thinking a behavior in Lean. Doing my small part to close this hole is a way I can give back to the community that has provided a deeply satisfying 3rd career for me.
    2. By providing free materials of value, I hope to connect with leaders who may be interested in my core business activity: helping companies advance on the Lean journey through my coaching, training, accountability, and experience. 
  • Question: Why are the print versions of each LTS topic so expensive?
    Answer: I print orders on-demand using an ink-jet printer. Ink, tabloid cardstock, paper, a shipping box, and shipping fees add up to almost $50 for each topic! Most users will be able do their own printing for their particular needs and this is preferable for both them and me. The print option is available to users for whom downloading  and self-printing is not an option. 

LTS Instructions