Lean Coaching and Training from a Solid Christian perspective

FREE "What is Lean" presentation

Note from Ray Randolph: I have a free 1-hour presentation available to share with those interested in the Lean Business Culture. It is suitable for teams of employees, leaders, partners, executive teams, or even a single owner/CEO. I will cover what Lean is, how it works, and why it fits very well with the beliefs and values of the Christian faith. I will adapt the presentation to the nature of the group. For more information, click the button below to set up a phone call with me. 

Information if you are interested:

  • Presentation can be in-person, Zoom™, or phone.
  • In-person presentation is best, but locations more than 30 miles from Lancaster, PA may require a fee to cover my travel expense. 
  • Phone presentation will require you to print handouts from a master that I will send.
  • Versions available for entire team, leaders, key-leaders, or owners/partners.
  •  Availability is subject to my schedule

Outline of topics

  • What you would see on a shop tour at a Lean company—and the vital things you WOULDN’T see.
  • Lean HAS tools and methods, but the essence of Lean is PEOPLE.
  • Lean gets everyone involved in making the value-creating process better. 
  • The “Triple Win” of Lean: happy customers, fulfilled employees, healthy company.
  • Core values of Lean: Respect for People, Teamwork, and Continuous Improvement.
  • How Lean fits the Christian Faith.