LTS.06.08 Kanban Part 1


Introduce new employees to what kanbans are and how they are used.

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Lean Training Series topic LTS.06.08 Kanban Part 1
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(Video format will be available soon  -Ray 1/10/24)
This topic covers these points:
* Review definition of Lean
* What is a kanban? (A communication signal that we need more of this item…)
* Photos of sample kanbans and how they are placed with inventory
* List of information that goes on a kanban
* Samples of 3 types of kanban: Make, Buy, and Move;
* How each of the 3 types works.
* Sample of simple use of kanban to replenish lunchroom supplies
* Kanban rules
* The main kanban rule: “When we come to a kanban, put it in the bin.”
* Decisions to make implementing a kanban system
* Kanban benefits

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