LTS.01.10 Value and Waste


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Lean Training Series topic LTS.01.10 “Value and Waste”
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This topic covers these points:
* Brief review of the definition of Lean.
* Describes the difference between Value-adding (VA) activity and NON-value-adding (NVA) activity.
* VA activity transforms a workpiece to be more like the final product the customer wants.
* Activity that DOESN’T transform a workpiece is NVA
* Each small step in a process can be evaluated: VA or NVA
* Describe example process from furniture-building: run shelves through a shaper machine
* Evaluate each shelf-shaping process step: VA or NVA
* Many processes have a surprising amount of NVA time
* Lean calls NVA “Waste”–even steps that are necessary
* We are always looking for ways to reduce or eliminate waste steps.
* Lean focuses mostly on reducing time on waste steps
* We want to train EVERYONE to see waste…
* …so we can involve EVERYONE in reducing waste.

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