Book Studies to Develop People

Book Studies help by developing people.
Small group book study is an effective way to help people learn Lean concepts—especially for leaders.

Of course, long-term success only occurs when book-learning is applied and turned into regular practice in daily life. But disciplined study can help get you started in three important ways:

  1. It provides an understanding of the Lean system and its components.
  2. It re-adjusts thinking to Lean philosophy, goals, and methods.
  3. It paints an inspiring picture of what a Lean organization can look like.

The Guides offered here can be used for group or one-on-one study. Learners read an assigned chapter or portion of the book. They jot down answers to the set of discussion questions. They then gather as a group (or with a mentor) to share their answers, comments, and even push-back on the material in the book.

Book study requires Learners to take initiative to self-develop. This is a vital quality for Lean leaders to have. A book study demonstrates how well participants grasp the Lean concepts and how motivated they are to learn and grow.

Each Book Study Guide includes discussion questions, a suggested schedule of reading assignments, and some notes on conducting an effective group book study. You get both a pdf and a Word document, giving you the option to modify the questions and schedule for your own situation.

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