Lean Coaching and Training from a Solid Christian perspective

Book Studies Develop People

Book Studies help by developing people.
Small group book study is an effective way to help people learn Lean concepts—especially for leaders.

Of course, long-term success only occurs when book-learning is applied and turned into regular practice in daily life. But disciplined study can help get you started in three important ways:

  1. It provides an understanding of the Lean system and its components.
  2. It re-adjusts thinking to Lean philosophy, goals, and methods.
  3. It paints an inspiring picture of what a Lean organization can look like.

The Guides offered here can be used for group or one-on-one study. Learners read an assigned chapter or portion of the book. They jot down answers to the set of discussion questions. They then gather as a group (or with a mentor) to share their answers, comments, and even push-back on the material in the book.

Book study requires Learners to take initiative to self-develop. This is a vital quality for Lean leaders to have. A book study demonstrates how well participants grasp the Lean concepts and how motivated they are to learn and grow.

Each Book Study Guide includes discussion questions, a suggested schedule of reading assignments, and some notes on conducting an effective group book study. You get both a pdf and a Word document, giving you the option to modify the questions and schedule for your own situation.

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