What Makes Lean Great?

Lean is a rare and powerful business strategy.
Lean’s unique feature is this:
Involve EVERYONE in your company to…
* shrink waste,
* solve problems, and
* make your process better.

Slogan: "Involve Everyone"
Team of workers thinking about how to improve their work process

If you get EVERYONE on your team working TOGETHER on these things, think about
(1) how great their jobs will be,
(2) how healthy your company will be, and
(3) how happy your customers will be.

Lean is a triple win!

Lean works because God created people with an amazing set of abilities.

  • People can work in teams to multiply their productivity.
  • People can work in teams to multiply their CREATIVITY.
  • People can have ideas, develop skills, rise to to a challenge, and overcome obstacles.
  • People can turn the resources of our planet into valuable products and services that benefit society.

This aligns with what God teaches in the book of Genesis.
He made us in His image for dominion and stewardship over creation.
He commanded us to be fruitful, multiply, and fill the earth for His glory.

Tragically, Adam and Eve’s sin corrupted both human nature and creation.
Efficient, cooperative, “fruitful” work became difficult and frustrating.

But NOT impossible.

Your people CAN achieve team-powered productivity, continuous improvement,
and competitive advantage if they use a disciplined system.
A system of self-control, cooperation, and careful thought.

THAT’S what Lean is.