"Introduction to Lean" Seminar

“Introduction to Lean” (ITL) is a half or full day training seminar. It introduces a group of your employees, leaders, or executives to the Lean Business Culture. It can presented in-person or by phone or zoom. 

ITL has two purposes:
1.) To help your organization DECIDE whether to go on the Lean journey.
2.) To help your organization GET STARTED on the Lean journey.

****** Warning: No seminar will make you “Lean.” Lean is a culture—a set of deeply ingrained habits of thinking and behavior shared by everyone in your company. You don’t change from your current culture to a Lean culture overnight—or during a one-time seminar. The distinctive Lean patterns of thinking and behavior are usually introduced gradually and practiced repeatedly until they are “deeply ingrained” and automatic. This is culture change, and nearly always takes longer than week or months. It is why Lean is called a journey. ITL will give your group an inspirational vision of where you’re going on the Lean journey, the lay of the land, what to expect along the way, and some motivation to get started. This is very helpful as you begin the journey—but it doesn’t magically get you to your destination. ******

ITL is available in half day and full day versions. The half-day option is 4 hours of material and the fee is usually $900. A full day is 8 hours of content and costs $1,800. There can be some fee variability depending on your situation. I adapt the content depending on who is in the group, the nature of the business, and how much knowledge your people have about Lean. If you are interested, let’s talk. Click the button to schedule a call. 

If you are new to Lean and not sure you are ready for a step like ITL, consider taking my free 1 hour “What is Lean” presentation first. Click the button below for more information about it. 

Other information about "Introduction to Lean"

  • Presentation over phone requires printed handouts. You can print these yourself on a color printer with a pdf I will send you. Or, you may purchase printed handouts from PeopleFirstLean. 
  • If your location is more than 30 miles from Lancaster PA, travel costs will likely apply.
  • If you are considering using my consulting/coaching services, an in-person “Introduction to Lean” seminar is a good way to see if I will be a good fit with your team. It also gives me on-site knowledge of your people and the processes they use to create value for your customers. I will need some personal contact with your business—even if I do most of my coaching remotely by phone or Zoom™.