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Terms and Conditions:
Free Day of Lean training/coaching

Terms and conditions for the offer published 2/1/24 
“Get a Free day of Lean training/coaching”  (Ray Randolph)

If you are interested, click the button to schedule a call with me, or contact me directly.

  • Quantity is limited to the first 3 qualified companies to contact me. (I reserve the right to increase the quantity if my schedule allows.)
  • I will attempt to make a visit of 6-8 hours, but this may be subject to travel timing or your schedule. 
  • This offer is open to new clients only.
  • To qualify, you must be considering adopting the Lean Business Culture and evaluating whether to enroll in one of my monthly coaching plans.
  • By receiving a free visit, you become ineligible for the 60 day money-back guarantee if you enroll in a coaching plan. 
  • If your location is more than 120 miles from Lancaster, PA, I may ask you to pay a fee to cover travel costs.
  • The date for a visit is subject to my schedule and may be combined with other travel to the same area. 
  • If, during the free visit, you request that I leave training materials or books, a fee to cover the cost of these materials will be charged. If you enroll in a coaching plan in the following 12 months, a credit will be issued for any materials which are included in the coaching plan.